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Bale Sensing Conveyor

As bales are transported across the bale sensing conveyor, an infrared sensor measures the moisture content of the bale and a digital scale measures the bale weight. This information is transmitted instantaneously to the control system interface and is recorded by the data tracking system.

Bale Rejection Conveyor (Kicker)

The bale kicker is responsible for removing bales from the processing line. The control system is automated to remove bales that have moisture limits above a certain threshold. This threshold is set by the operator. The operator may also manually remove bales at the control interface. The bale kicker is located just past the bale sensing conveyor on the processing line and resembles a large pitch fork that pushes bales horizontally onto a platform for removal.


The destringer removes the twine from the bales. A blade cuts the twine from underneath and a set of hooks remove it from above the bale. It is positioned just prior to the entrance to the debaler.


The debaler is the first of two hammermills on the processing line. As the bale enters, it is chopped from the top and bottom by two horizontal counter rotating sets of hammers run by dual 200 hp electric motors. The switchgrass must pass through a two-inch screen before exiting the debaler.

As the debaled switchgrass exits below the debaler, a Debaler to Eliminator Conveyor transports the material to the eliminator entrance.

Magnetic Belt, Vacuum Cyclone

The magnetic belt rotates above the debaler to eliminator conveyor. This removes any metals before entering the eliminator.

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