Technical Consultants and Other Team Members

Technical consultants and other team members for the Chariton Valley Biomass Project include:

Antares Group Inc.

Antares Group Inc. is a consulting firm headquartered in Landover, Maryland, and focused on introducing emerging energy technologies into the power, industry, and commercial building sectors. The firm specializes in renewable energy (biomass in particular) and energy-efficient technologies and offers a wide range of technical and analytical services to government and private-sector clients. Antares has been instrumental in the Chariton Valley Biomass Project’s data collection and sampling efforts, test planning and analysis, economics analysis, fuel sales contract development, and provides general technical and management support to the project.

Bradford, Conrad, Crow Engineering Company

Based in Portland, Oregon, Bradford Conrad Crow Engineering (BCCE) is a multi-discipline engineering firm providing consulting, engineering, design, and project management services to facility owners, design professionals, and design-build contractors. BCCE is active in all facets of engineering and design for the wood products industry and other industries using materials-handling systems for bulk materials, including straw and other biomass products. With input from other members of the project’s engineering team, BCCE has been the lead engineering firm for the design of the Chariton Valley Biomass Project’s process systems and facilities.

Elsam Engineering (formerly TechWise)

Elsam Engineering is an international engineering company specializing in energy and the environment. They are headquartered in western Denmark and are a subsidiary of the power utility Elsam who owns and operates a number of central and local power plants (including several straw-fired power plants) and wind power facilities. Elsam designed and built the first commercially operating straw/coal cofiring power plant in the world - Studstrup - and has been operating the system since 1995. Elsam Engineering is a valuable part of the Chariton Valley Biomass Project’s engineering team, providing design and test planning consulting based on their extensive design and operations experience with straw-fired power plants in Europe.

T. R. Miles Technical Consultants

Based in Portland, Oregon, TR Miles assists in the development, design, installation, and testing of agricultural and industrial systems for materials handling, air quality, and biomass energy. The firm has been involved with Agricultural Fiber Association Inc., a non-profit association of Oregon straw merchants promoting straw utilization since 1975. During that period, the Oregon straw merchants have developed a 600,000 ton per year (and growing) market for their straw. TR Miles brings that experience and knowledge, and a wide range of design and operation experience for biomass materials handling and processing systems to the Chariton Valley Biomass Project’s engineering team. TR Miles has been instrumental in the project’s design, planning, and testing activities.